RVLSA…the association for legal professionals is one part of a three-tier organization. VALS … the association for legal professionals, is the state level. NALS … the association for legal professionals, is the national level. With membership in RVLSA you become a member of VALS and NALS.

The objective of the association is to establish good fellowship among the members of the legal community, to further our knowledge of the law, to uphold its honor and dignity, and to create a high standard of ethics among our members.

Our association is open to those persons engaged in work of a legal nature (i.e., paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, law office administrator, typist, or clerk) and employed in any law office, court system, trust department of banks or trust companies, or in any public or private institution or office directly engaged in work of a legal nature. We also have student memberships for those looking to a future in the legal field

RVLSA brochure.

RVLSA members Monica Guilliams and Dawn Resende assisting with registration at the RBA Luncheon.

RBA Luncheon

RBA Luncheon